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Photo of Dal Fior warehouse with machinery.


The distinguishing features that characterize our history

The company F.LLI DAL FIOR, with more than sixty years of history, bears within himself the memory of a continuous growth that led the company to become a leader in its area of influence. He started his business in 1955 by engaging in the construction of boxes of fruit; handed down from father to son, the company specializes with the time in the production of industrial packagings in wood. Today, the proposed service is far more extended, including the design of the packaging and logistics management on behalf of clients and kanban management.

Mounting wooden box in the Dal Fior factory

A work at 360 degrees

offering customers not only the quality of the materials, but also the quality in service provided. We always face a design of reliable and customized solutions; the implementation of our seriousness is seen in the wise use we do of several types of protections, seeking in the tailored work what best suits the customer's request.

Quality guaranteed

Quality guaranteed by certification EN ISO 9001:2015 , which demonstrates our ability to deliver a product that meets the requirements of the customer through the application of our working method and management, in compliance with the rules and safety. Special attention is directed to the preservation of environment and forests, laying down the rules ISPM-15 of FAO. Packaging labeled with mark FITOK underwent a natural anti-parasitic treatment that eliminates any harmful organism present in the wood.

Box labeled with FITOK mark


The Company Management, aware of the importance and the need to demonstrate and document to its customers the ability of F.LLI DAL FIOR to continually supply products and services compliant with specifications, has deemed it appropriate to set up a Quality System in accordance with the provisions of Quality management contained in the rule UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 . The principles of this standard constitute and are at the base of the policy established by the Management.
The requirements contained in the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 rule that the organization has adopted are essentially aimed at:

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