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We produce custom and industrial wooden packaging

The company F.LLI DAL FIOR works in the field of wood packaging and industrial packaging for over sixty years, offering attentive service and excellent quality to the customer. The company is placed in the market ready to solve any problem in wood and industrial packaging with the punctuality in detail that distinguishes it for years.

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We produce wooden boxes, crates, footboards and pallets.

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The manufacturing is all made inside our factory from skilled workers.

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We manage the work through to delivery, ensuring punctuality and reliability in every situation.

Storage warehouse for the wood

The production of wooden packaging

We try to adapt to the requirements that the customer addresses to us; Thanks to this flexibility, we are able to offer different types of protective packaging. We can work to a high degree of customization without any problems, protective packaging from small up to large industrial packaging.

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Production of Fratelli Dal Fior

The growth of our experience in the field of wood packaging has gone together with the quality of the product we offer. Today our company is certified EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the management of quality in the production of industrial packaging and protective packaging and can offer processing according to the standard ISPM-15 , Described by FAO and essential to address international demands.

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